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DataLG  v.1.7.1

DataLG is a Data Access Layer (DAL) generator. Create stored procedures, views, and tables on the database side, then use DataLG to create an assembly (and its source) to interact with them. Works with: Ms Sql Server, Sqlite 3, Mysql 4-5, and

DataTierGenerator for Enterprise Library  v.rc

This tool generates the TableDataGateway classes and SQL scripts that create stored procedures for the tables in your database. The generated classes use the patterns & practices Enterprise

DigitAll PGAdmin  v.1.0

This project was embedded into a bigger one called elsuri, visit * * PGAdmin is a PostgreSQL DataBase administrator for user/group management, along with privileges control over Stored Procedures and

JOOQ  v.1.0

jOOQ effectively combines complex SQL, typesafety, source code generation, active records, stored procedures, UDTs, and Java in a fluent API. Supported DBs are DB2, Derby, Ingres, H2, HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server,

LIZ DB  v.b.2.0

LIZDB is highly advanced MySQL API written in PHP5. LIZDB allows user to fetch data (variuous ways), prepare and execute statements, manage sophisticated transactions, prepare and call stored procedures and functions with in, inout, out parameters

MS SQL scriptor  v.rc

.NET utility capable to automatically generate XML database schemas and then translating those to SQL scripts (both data import/export and stored procedures for data access) and C# wrapper

NSprocs  v.1.1.0

Visual Studio 2005 code generator (custom tool) that creates a thin wrapper around your database server's stored procedures. Simple but customizable, it takes the hassle out of repetitious ADO.NET without a goofy ORM

Schweasel command line sql shell  v.1.2

Schweasel is a platform-independent text shell to access relational databases that support jdbc. You can perform basic sql features such as insert, update, delete, select as well as create, drop tables stored procedures, etc. (similar to

SPWrapper  v.1.0

SPWrapper generates java (and now python) classes able to invoke stored procedures and to execute sql statements for you: you just have to give it the stored procedure name or the sql

Xolutions Data Access Widgets for .NET  v.1.8.rc1

This project is currently devoted two to SOA-enabling technologies:SqlBooster: A better data access layer for .NET solutions using ADO.NET (written completely in C#) for Microsoft Sql Server to support stored procedures and arbitrary SQL, ADO.NET

SQL Spelunk  v.1.0

A toolbox for testing SQL. Currently, SQL Spelunk includes code coverage analysis and calling stored procedures in a rolled-back transaction from SQL and JUnit.

Kailua - Extensions to ADO.NET  v.1.0

Provide standard calls for vendor specific functionality through ADO.NET. Additional functionality includes: enumerate databases, tables, views, columns, stored procedures, parameters; get an autogenerated primary key; and more. Also some non ADO

DoPersistence  v.1.0

doPersistence is a C# dll that persists any object to any database. Will save directly to tables with dynamic Sql or it will map to stored procedures (store, load, delete, list). For single objects add a class ...

MyNetOS.ORM  v.1.0

ORM in .Net Framework 2, 3.5 and 4 with: dynamic sql, stored procedures, different cache levels, versioning, logical delete, identity manager, associations: many to many, one to many and many to one, support to native data types: array and hashtable

NemoDB - database designed in PhP  v.b

NemoDB is the Php class which provide simple, quasi relational database. Features:- tables can store text, images etc.- automatic column value compression and decomp.;- sequences, DBA account, stored procedures and a few very useful features.

SPUnit  v.1.1

SPUnit is an application of the popular xUnit framework concept to enable unit testing of SQL Server stored procedures. The project includes a set of framework stored procedures that provide similar fixture and assertion capabilitieis to the other ...

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